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Zestino Drifting Tires Gredge Z07R 215/45R17


Zestino is a new tire brand intended for motorsports– from drifting to any form of Road Racing. The design and production technology is from Japan. It has been proven in many racing environments with podium results in many countries around  the world. The Widened tread design improves the performance of tire that gives the drivers a new form of confidence behind the wheel.  The best way to find out more is for you to order and try.

Gredge Z07R Features:

Center Straight Groove
Two rib grooves ensure effective water dispersion. The test data can testify the excellent performance of the rib grooves.

Wing Groove
Two hollow rib grooves at outside with different length and angle that extend to the sidewall which can ensure effective water dispersion. The short grooves can ensure tenacity.

Lightning Groove
Lightning groove can not only ensure the tenacity of the tyre broadwise, but also show the pattern personalized design.

Side Dimple
Side dimple is the standard of friction index.

Excellent Structure
The tyre with unique auto-warming can make the tyre temperature attain to around 70 degree quickly to show the excellent ground grip performance.

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